OwO What’s this?

// Even I don’t know what this is, but waterfall is pretty so // Rainbow // Shitty Artist // He/Him //

Why who am I?
Interests ☆

Has anyone done this yet?

has this been done yet?

stop -

Me, starting my waterfall blog: ok this wont be like my mess of a tumblr. everything will be organized to an apropriate sideblog and i will have a neat, working tag system. this is great!!

Me, not even 24 hours later:


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i want this site to take off so i might as well post some old art

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This is not a dashboard. This is Waterfall. It is a splashboard

I lied about sleep also I hate getting my main and other blogs messed up

Ayy, finished updating my about and interests for the night. Time to sneep

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very cool and epic meme which i encourage you to share with your friends, family and coworkers

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saw people were doing these, so i'll toss my own in, too 0:

sup, i'm dodger, im a funky little lesbian and i adore frogs, rats, and opossums

my main interests as of now are

if you're seeking mutuals with these interests, i'm happy to check you out !! ^^

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gay scribbles

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Your art is so cute what the heck hbsjdksd

altava -

this website is so pure. so untouched by any drama. no discourse, no anon hate (as far as i’ve seen.) almost like a.... dare i say.... waterf

Whats up gays